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  • Quantum Break

    Quantum Break

    Time is Power. In the aftermath of a split second of destruction that fractures time itself, two people find they have changed and gained extraordinary abilities. One of them travels through time and becomes hell-bent on controlling this power. The other uses these new abilities to attempt to defeat him – and fix time before it tears itself irreparably apart. Both face overwhelming odds and make dramatic choices that will determine the shape of the future. Quantum Break is a unique experience; one part hard-hitting video game, one part thrilling live action show, featuring a stellar cast, including Shawn Ashmore as the hero Jack Joyce, Aidan Gillen as his nemesis Paul Serene and Dominic Monaghan as Jack’s genius brother William. Quantum Break is full of the vivid storytelling, rich characters and dramatic twists Remedy Entertainment are renowned for. Your choices in-game will affect the outcome of this fast-paced fusion between game and show, giving the player a completely unique entertainment experience.

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    Quantum Break
  • Dark Souls III

    Dark Souls III

    At this point developer From Software is a veteran of making brutally hard action RPGs. Having started with Demon's Souls and progressed through two Dark Souls games and Bloodborne, director Hidetaka Miyazaki has coyly said that Dark Souls III is the last game "in this style", meaning that this may come to be seen as a watermark in gaming.

    While the Dark Souls III feels instantly familiar, it does much to turn the series on its head. The ruined castle ramparts and monstrous dragons are still present and accounted for, as is the atmosphere of impending doom. But where the games have traditionally seen the player ascending ever higher as the game progresses, here the player begins by sinking ever deeper into the world. The role of non-player characters is subverted, with them initially coming off as kind and friendly but the player coming to realise that all is not as it seems. Similarly, the design of the world begins straightforwardly, before branching out to ever-greater levels of complexity. In short, Dark Souls III is all about lulling the player into a false sense of security...

    Another element of this is the boss phase system. Now, just as a player is getting a grasp on the patterns and methods of one of the ever-inventive bosses, something will change and take them back to square one, be it an unexpected resurrection or a brand new health bar to madden you.

    That's all part of Dark Souls' appeal, though - it's a game that's all about tough, intense confrontations and that sweet feeling of catharsis that comes from overcoming a challenge. Think of it as a very twisted form of stress relief...
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    Dark Souls III
  • Just Cause 3

    Just Cause 3

    Rico is back, and this time it's personal.

    Yes, that sounds like a tagline in an '80s blockbuster action movie. Yes, that's quite appropriate for Just Cause 3. The Mediterranean republic of Medici is trapped in the thrall of General Di Ravello, a diabolical dictator. It just so happens that Medici is the home of our hero, Rico Rodriguez, and the general may have bitten off more than he can chew.

    The island (and its neighbours) offer up a huge open world for players to explore, shoot at and blow up. Developer Avalanche says there are 400 square miles to roam, and that huge scale is something of an indicator of what the studio is going for with the third entry in the Just Cause series. It's always been about tackling your enemies and the environment in the most outrageous, over-the-top way possible, and now there's even more stuff to blow up. Imagine the finale of your favourite action movie, then imagine that you get to play through it, and that it will keep going for hours and hours and... well, hours.

    Players must re-take the island, armed to the teeth and handling their trusty grapple. Rico has an unlimited supply of C4, and the game really rewards experimenting with huge destructible landmarks and plenty of spectacle.

    As well as taking down enemies, players can engage in wingsuiting, parachuting, skydiving and any number of vehicle-related hijinks. That might mean racing, it might mean hanging off the back of a plane or it might mean attaching a car to the back of a bus and driving it off a cliff, just to see what happens.

    Just Cause 3 is a huge, explosive playground that's waiting for you to get creative.
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    Just Cause 3
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    In her first adventure, Lara Croft was forged into a true survivor, but she glimpsed a deeper, secret world. Obsessed by what she has seen, Lara is now threatened by a shadow organization intent on killing her for what she knows.

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    Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Fallout 4

    Fallout 4

    Return to the wasteland in Fallout 4, the latest titles from the award winning studio who have brought you the likes of Fallout 3 & The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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    Fallout 4
  • Need for Speed

    Need for Speed

    Racing  >  Car

    With over 20 years of history in its rear view mirror, Need for Speed returns with a reboot that delivers on what Need for Speed stands for - rich customization, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive narrative that drives your Need For Speed game.

      Fuelled by our very own car culture community, Speedhunters has helped deliver a Need For Speed experience that is grounded in authentic car culture. By diving into the world of past, present and emergent trends of the urban car scene, Need For Speed will unleash the passion for cars and speed when it releases this Fall, 2015. Check back on June 15 for the full reveal, including a first look at customization and first full length trailer!

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    Need for Speed
  • WWE 2K16

    WWE 2K16

    The authority in WWE video games returns with WWE 2K16!
    The newest addition to the flagship WWE franchise will deliver authentic, high-powered and hard-hitting action, including fan-favourite features and new WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends, gameplay innovations, presentation updates and more.

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    WWE 2K16
  • Halo 5: Guardians

    Halo 5: Guardians

    About Halo 5 - Guardians:


    A mysterious and unstoppable force threatens the galaxy, the Master Chief is missing and his loyalty questioned. Experience the most dramatic Halo story to date in a 4-player cooperative epic that spans three worlds.


    Challenge friends and rivals in new multiplayer modes: Warzone, massive 24-player battles, and Arena, Halo’s established legacy of pure, skill-based 4-vs-4 competitive combat.


    Earn Requisition Points throughout the multiplayer experience, redeemable for REQ packs that deliver new gear, weapons, vehicles, and more.

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    Halo 5: Guardians
  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

    Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

    Dive deeper into the catacombs of Creed, with the Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Special Edition, featuring the Darwin and Dickens Conspiracy Mission - giving you an additional 45 minutes of epic gameplay.

    "London, 1868. The Industrial Revolution unleashes an incredible age of invention, transforming the lives of millions with technologies once thought impossible. Opportunities created during this period have people rushing to London to engage in this new world, a world no longer controlled by kings, emperors, politicians, or religion, but by a new common denominator: money. Not everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of this boom, however. Despite fueling the engine of the British Empire, workers' lives are little more than legalized slavery while the top few percent profit from their labor. Living poor and dying young, the lower class unite in protest as a new kind of family, gangs, who turn to a life in the underworld in their struggle to survive. A struggle, until watchful Assassins come to their side and re-ignite an age-old conflict involving London's leaders that will echo throughout modern history, from the underground up. Introducing Jacob Frye, who with the help of his twin sister Evie, will change the fate of millions in Assassin's Creed(R) Syndicate. Rise to rally and lead the underworld to break the corrupt stranglehold on London in a visceral adventure filled with action, intrigue, and brutal combat. Features: THE FIRST ASSASSIN AT THE BIRTH OF THE MODERN AGE As the brash, rebellious Jacob Frye, put up your dukes and take enemies on with lightning-fast multikills and countermoves. Use improved stealth tactics to elude your enemies and unleash your arsenal of weapons, including the kukri knife, brass knuckles, and sword cane. Utilize new technology like the rope launcher to scale buildings in seconds and take your enemies by surprise. TRAVERSE THE FAST-PACED WORLD OF INDUSTRIAL LONDON From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, fight and triumph across the massive open world of Victorian London. Parkour across moving vehicles to track down enemies or escape after a daring raid, hijack carriages to engage in a no-holds-barred street race, or blaze a trail of destruction aboard steamboats along the River Thames. TAKE OVER THE LONDON UNDERWORLD With Jacob as the leader, gamers can establish Great Britain's fiercest gang, the only force that can challenge the elite and defeat rival gangs to bring freedom to the oppressed masses. Enemy strongholds can be infiltrated by using an arsenal of weapons to dominate London's underworld. From robbing trains to rescuing child laborers, players will stop at nothing to bring justice to London's dangerous streets. MASTER THE ART OF STEALTH AS EVIE FRYE Play as Jacob's twin sister Evie, a relentless Assassin who has perfected the silent, swift, invisible strike. Parkour across London's immense open world using your status in London's leading gang to change the city for the better."


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    Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
  • Guitar Hero Live

    Guitar Hero Live

    Rhythm  >  Timing
    After a few years away, 2015 really marks the return of the guitar game to our screens. Players have been treated to a new Rock Band game, but the title really looking to push the genre forward is Guitar Hero Live.

    Developed by FreeStyleGames, the studio behind the acclaimed DJ Hero series, the game has three big new strings on its instrument.

    The most obvious difference cuts right to the heart of the game. Players now step up in front of a real crowd that will react in real time to how well they're playing, offering up the most immersive gig experience your living room can play host to, ranging from intimate clubs to huge festival shows.

    Then there's GHTV, which Activision is calling "the world's first playable music video network". It's a 24-hour mode than enables fans to play along to a continually-updated collection of official music videos spanning a range of genres and eras. Through GHTV players can thrash it out with friends in the same room - including a vocalist - or against other would-be superstars across the world.

    With this new generation outing for Guitar Hero comes a brand-new controller. Striving for a more realistic build than previous peripherals from the franchise, it offers up two rows of three buttons that enable players to begin as novices but progress to become masters.

    Tracks set for the new game include:

    Royal Blood - ôLittle Monsterö
    Marilyn Manson - ôDisposable Teensö
    Killswitch Engage - ôIn Due Timeö
    Marmozets - ôMove Shake Hideö
    Of Mice & Men - ôBones Exposedö
    Deftones - ôDiamond Eyesö
    Vista Chino - ôSweet Remainö
    Bring Me the Horizon - ôShadow Mosesö
    Mastodon - ôHigh Roadö
    Trivium - ôStrifeö
    Queen - ôTie Your Mother Downö
    Alice In Chains - ôStoneö
    Bullet For My Valentine - ôTemper Temperö
    Deap Vally - ôLiesö
    Wolfmother - ôSundialö
    Weezer - ôBuddy Hollyö
    Angus & Julia Stone - ôA Heartbreakö
    Catfish and the Bottlemen - ôKathleenö
    Neon Trees - ôEverybody Talksö
    New Politics - ôHarlemö
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    Guitar Hero Live
  • LEGO Dimensions

    LEGO Dimensions

    Characters from a mix of brands join forces and battle in worlds outside of their own

    Bring up to seven minifigures, vehicles, and/or gadgets into the game all at once

    Players can let imagination guide their solo journey or have a friend join for co-op play

    The LEGO Toy Pad and game will offer continued compatibility with future expansions

    Includes: game, Toy Pad, bricks to build Gateway, three minifigures, and Batmobile

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    LEGO Dimensions
  • FIFA 16

    FIFA 16

    FIFA 16 delivers Innovation Across the Entire Pitch in gameplay, helps all fans Compete at a Higher Level with FIFA Trainer, and brings New Ways to Play by introducing WomenÆs National Teams to the franchise. At the heart of FIFA 16, innovative gameplay* features will deliver a balanced, authentic, and exciting football experience that lets fans play their way.

    Confidence in Defending
    Defenders and attackers are balanced, creating a realistic and enjoyable experience when trying to regain possession of the ball. Defensive Agility brings balance in movement between attackers and defenders, driven by more than 25 gameplay feature changes to defender locomotion. Defend as a Unit injects intelligence and positional-awareness into players so they can better decide between marking an opponent and covering dangerous space. New Tackling Fundamentals offers new behaviors like fake and standing tackles, as well as full-body challenges and the ability to bridge out of sliding tackles when caught out of position.

    Control in Midfield
    In midfield, two game-changing features make the battle in the middle of the pitch as important as it is in real football. Interception Intelligence gives players the smarts to close passing channels and shutting down options. Passing with Purpose offers a new driven pass to play sharp, incisive passes so you can find teammates with precision.

    Moments of Magic
    FIFA 16 gives fans the tools they need to create thrilling moments in attack.
    No Touch Dribbling gives players the option to let the ball run to buy time, create separation, feint, and blow by the defender in the final third. A feature inspired by the motion capture of Lionel Messi, it changes the way players attack. Clinical Finishing provides variety in shooting and more exciting goals than ever before.

    Compete at a Higher Level
    Regardless of skill level, everyone will have a chance to Compete at a Higher Level by utilizing the EA SPORTS FIFA Trainer, a ground-breaking in-game training system which uses the context of the game to recommend options to the player. Fans can now learn as they play with an optional graphic overlay (HUD) which prompts them with gameplay options depending on their position on the pitch and Trainer level. The trainer recommendations will progress as the level of the trainer increases, which can be set to automatic or controlled manually. Basic commands get you started, while deeper hints will improve the game of the most skilled fans.

    New Ways to Play
    With all New Ways to Play, FIFA 16 will feature 12 WomenÆs National Teams for the first time in franchise history. Teams from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the United States of America will all represent their respective federations in several FIFA 16 game modes including Kick Off, an Offline Tournament, as well as Online Friendly Matches.
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    FIFA 16
  • Forza Motorsport 6

    Forza Motorsport 6

    Racing  >  Car

    From the creators of the best-selling Xbox racing series comes the follow-up to the 2013 DICE Racing Game of the Year. Collect, customize, and race the cars of your dreams, including the video game debut of the Ford GT

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    Forza Motorsport 6
  • PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer: Day 1 Edition

    PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer: Day 1 Edition

    PES 2016 marks the twentieth anniversary edition of the hugely successful football series.

    From its humble origins on PSOne, the PES series has leaped from format to format, adding ever more realism as it evolved. This heritage has been celebrated in PES 2016’s new tagline ‘Love The Past, Play The Future’, highlighting the series’ recent return to core PES values in last year’s PES 2015 and focusing on the many new gameplay and presentational elements that will further establish the series as the definitive football experience.

    PES 2016 aims to retain its title of ‘Best Sports Game’, as voted across the world at games shows and by major media outlets in 2014, by continuing to lead the way in the recreation of ‘The Beautiful Game’. The series aims to go back to its roots to create an exciting match between users, and proudly present PES 2016 to deliver quality gameplay following The Pitch is Ours mantra. From further integration of the industry leading Fox Engine to bring the on-pitch action to life and the full commitment to centre the product around creating the best gameplay experience, to the full redevelopment of Master League, every facet of the game has been enhanced to deliver yet another outstanding product.

    • Fresh Gameplay – Exciting advancements reaffirming the PES series as having the No.1 gameplay.
    • Advanced Collision System – The physicality of the modern game has been realised in PES 2016 with a significantly improved collision system, calculating how players interact, creating a unique outcome depending on type of impact.
    • Aerial Strength – With the new physicality system, aerial battles are a completely unique experience this year. Use the left stick to battle the opposition to disrupt a larger more powerful player, or find the best position to make the header/volley.
    • 1v1 Control – In PES 2016 the 1v1 player control have been enhanced, offering a wide range of movements with the existing controls. Response times have been improved allowing players to manoeuvre in tight situations, which also benefits the upgraded feint moves that allow sudden directional change that can cause defenders to lose their balance. The 1 on 1 situations now offer a great leap in exciting table-turning outcomes. Just as the real pitch offers opportunities for those brave enough to perform, players can pull off precise action, flexibly manoeuvre and pull away from the defender. Technique and timing lead to the defender to lose his balance, and creates great chances just as you pictured.
    • Perfect Defence – Performing a tackle at the perfect time will powerfully shove the player out of the way to secure the ball. The ball will immediately be yours, creating direct turnarounds and counter opportunities.
    • Intelligent Player AI – 2-3 player combination play will be available by the improved concept of team strategy, which depends on the type of tactic you set for your team. Players no longer are reliant on manually triggering a 1-2, with teammates intelligently running off passes into space.
    • Goal Keeper ID – In a bid to improve quality and add unique individuality in performance, new goal keeper parameters have been added, that now vary in Catching, Clearance, Collapsing and Deflecting. This adds character to the players, who you can count on catching the ball rather than punching, or are better at stopping close range shots.
    • Celebration Control – New for the series, players have full control over goal celebrations to maximize their excitement when scoring! Prompts appear after a goal to trigger a trademark celebration, or unique actions at the press of a button. Fundamental Changes – New significant improvements across key modes and features.
    • New Master League – The famous and hugely popular Master League sees a total revamp, allowing users to immerse themselves in the managerial world of soccer. Every element has been redesigned or reworked, from the vibrant and involving menus to the new and exciting player transfer system, PES 2016 see one of the series most integral modes redefine the single player experience.
    • New Visuals – Incorporating the many advancements of Fox Engine the visuals have seen a huge upgrade. See the rain splash as players slide in to win possession, or the turf kick up as you strike the ball into the top corner. New night-time lighting and real turf textures add to some of the many improvements.
    • Dynamic Weather – For the first time in the PES series dynamic weather has been introduced, with the chance of rain starting during the game. Combined with the ever more realistic ball physics, the rain changes how the game can be played with passes speeding up, and players less skilled to struggle with trapping. The defender taken by the 1 on 1 will be covered with pitch blades by slipping and falling. This feature is applied to all offline modes including the Master League, becoming an important element to decide the outcome of the match.
    • Human Motion – Seeking to humanize player movement, 3x new animations have been added to bring the in-game superstars to life. Goalkeepers have seen an abundance of save animations added, while outfield players shoot, pass, dribble and tackle in a countless variety depending on the situation. Players complain when a foul isn't given, or lament a teammate when a pass isn't made when in open space. The new 1v1 control also benefits from this, with players being able to fool their opponents with shimmies and feints, that can result in causing the opposing player to lose his balance and fall in the wrong direction!
    • New Ball Physics – The past few years has seen the series make huge advancements in ball physics, and for PES 2016 new levels of realism have been reached. Each spin, bobble and ricochet has been calculated using real ball physic data, helping keep every moment in every game unique and unpredictable.

    Quality Improvements – Many important elements are upgraded per fan feedback.
    • myClub – Since the launch of the mode in PES 2015, myClub has been updated on a weekly basis, and now have been further improved based on user feedback for PES 2016. The enhancement will introduce player level systems, and players exclusive to the mode. Use GP acquired through matches or myClub coins to experience realistic club management combined with players to strive to be stronger in your squad. Choose the manager, consider coaches, and build the strategy based on what you aim with your team. Build Your Team, Create Your legacy!
    • Dynamic Wide Camera Angle – The new angle gives you a larger field of view, allowing you to better plan and adjust your players to compete in aerial battles, or see the intelligent runs being made thanks to Intelligent Player AI. Depending on where the ball is on the pitch, the camera will tilt and zoom in/out to make sure the user has the best view possible during the match.

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    PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer: Day 1 Edition
  • Mad Max

    Mad Max

    After the rip-roaring success of Mad Max: Fury Road, the game sharing the film's protagonist is hotly anticipated. In development for four years, it shares a lot of the film's DNA, thanks in no small part to the input of film director George Miller, but not all of its particulars.

    It does start in a similar way, though. While trying to get to the place he calls the Planes of Silence, Max loses his car. Much of the game is about trying to replace it. Teaming up with your constant companion, Chumbucket, you'll be looking to put together a Frankensteinian monster vehicle that can get you back on the road in grand old style.

    The way to do this is to undermine the influence of warlord Scabrous Scrotus, doing favours and helping out his smaller rivals. One outpost might specialise in weapons, another tires, so who you spend your most time with will depend on the sort of rig you're looking to build.

    The Wasteland is a huge open world, littered with fearsome enemies looking to tear chunks out of you and precious scraps of material you can use to upgrade your weapons. Sometimes you'll fight with vehicles, sometimes with guns. Sometimes all you'll have is your hands.

    Borrowing from the vibrant, deadly aesthetic of the films, Mad Max puts you in charge of your own destiny.
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    Mad Max
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    Development powerhouse, Kojima Productions, continues forth the ‘METAL GEAR SOLID V Experience’ with the latest chapter, METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Phantom Pain. Ushering in a new era for the franchise with cutting-edge technology powered by the Fox Engine, MGSV: The Phantom Pain, will provide players a first- rate gaming experience as they are offered tactical freedom to carry out open-world missions.

    Taking place nine years after the events of MGSV: Ground Zeroes and the fall of Mother Base, Snake a.k.a. Big Boss, awakes from a near decade-long coma. The game resumes the story in 1984, with the Cold War still as the backdrop, which continues to shape a global crisis. Snake’s journey takes him into a world where he is driven by a need for revenge and the pursuit of a shadow group, XOF.

    Hideo Kojima, head of Kojima Productions, continues to ambitiously explore mature themes such as the psychology of warfare and the atrocities that result from those that engage in its vicious cycle. One of the most anticipated games of the year with its open-world design, photorealistic visual fidelity and feature-rich game design, MGSV: The Phantom Pain will leave its mark as one of the hallmarks in the gaming industry for its cinematic storytelling, heavy themes, and immersive tactical gameplay.

    Key Features:

    - Open-World game design allowing players ultimate freedom on how to approach missions and overall game progression

    - Fox Engine delivers photorealistic graphics, thoughtful game design and true new-generation game production quality

    - Online connectivity that carries the experience beyond the consoles to other devices to augment the overall functionality and access to the game
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    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • Gears Of War Ultimate Edition

    Gears Of War Ultimate Edition

    Celebrate the tenth anniversary of Gears of War with its appearance on next gen. Remastered for Xbox One, it runs 1080p at 60 frames per second and includes 90 additional minutes of content previously exclusive to the PC version.

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    Gears Of War Ultimate Edition
  • Rare Replay

    Rare Replay

    Relive memories from classic games such as "Perfect Dark, Battletoads, Viva Piniata" & many more.

     Jetpac (1983)
     Atic Atac (1983)
     Lunar Jetman (1983)
     Sabre Wulf (1984)
     Underwurlde (1984)
     Knight Lore (1984)
     Gunfright (1986)
     Slalom (1987)
     R.C. Pro-Am (1988)
     Cobra Triangle (1989)
     Snake Rattle N Roll (1990)
     Digger T. Rock (1990)
     Solar Jetman (1990)
     Battletoads (1991)
     R.C. Pro-Am II (1992)
     Battletoads Arcade (1994)
     Killer Instinct Gold (1996)
     Blast Corps (1997)
     Banjo-Kazooie (1998)
     Jet Force Gemini (1999)
     Perfect Dark (2000)
     Banjo-Tooie (2000)
     Conker's Bad Fur Day (2001)
     Grabbed by the Ghoulies (2003)
     Perfect Dark Zero (2005)
     Kameo: Elements of Power (2005)
     Viva Piñata (2006)
     Jetpac Refuelled (2007)
     Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (2008)
     Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise (2008)

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    Rare Replay
  • Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition

    Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition

    Trials is back, and this time it's... well, not gone in a direction you were likely expecting. It's set in the future.

    Gone are the grimy warehouses of old in favour of all sorts of futuristic newfangledness. Retro futuristic newfangledness, at that. You don't need to look any further than the title screen to get the message that Trials Fusion isn't taking itself too seriously. The music playing sounds like it was produced for Transformers: The Animated Movie then run through 2014 production techniques, while the rider you can see has Iron Man pants on his lower half.

    The vision of the future developer RedLynx has gone for is a mix of preposterous gleaming towers, platforms and technology with apparent slapstick carelessness on the part of the people in charge. There's some great level design on show, which city tracks that take you from twilit marinas to rooftop chases across the tops of zeppelins. The wilderness levels are still here, but now they've got retro-futurism mashed in with them as well.

    The core game remains basically unchanged. For the most part, you brake, accelerate and lean. As ever, getting your balance right is key to being able to guide your bike across ever-more fiendish platforming levels. Yes, 'ever-more fiendish'. Trials' serious difficulty curve is back with a vengeance, and the game remains extremely rewarding because of it.

    Tricks are included, with players now bringing in the right stick to pull off moves like the Superman in the occasional stage. The game is also peppered with skill games that will set you a challenge such as climbing a near-vertical track as far as you can.

    Trials Fusion also brings level creation back to the table. Players can build their own courses and get everything in their toolkit that the developers at RedLynx had when they were designing the game. While level building won't be everyone's cup of tea, what it will mean for everyone is a steady stream of weird and wonderful new tracks getting piped to our consoles on a continuous basis.

    With the retail edition, players also get the Trials Season Pass, complete with access to a range of post-launch content.
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    Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition
  • Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour

    Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour

    Sport  >  Golf
    The PGA Tour series has dominated the world of golf in video games for nearly two and a half decades, but with the latest iteration of the long-standing franchise making its true current-generation debut, change is in the air.

    The most obvious difference, of course, is the cover star. Tiger Woods' career is no longer on the upswing it once was and Rory McIlroy, a fresh up-and-comer, has appeared to mark a change in direction for the series. Because, while the absence of Tiger on the cover may take some getting used to at first, more has changed here than just the game's box.

    The first change players will notice is the introduction of revamped swing mechanics. There are three different interfaces to choose from, catering to different skill levels. The arcade swing is the easiest, offering laser-like accuracy. The classic style is the most familiar to golfing gamers, offering a three click process to dictate your power and accuracy. Finally, for those wanting to push their game to the next level there's the Tour swing.

    Another big change is the way EA has opened up the game's environments. Each course now loads as a whole, effectively making it a sandbox for players to explore rather than a set of discreet holes.

    It's fitting that as PGA Tour makes its debut onto the new generation of consoles, it offers the deepest golfing simulation yet.
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    Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour