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Xtra-vision Xpress DVD Vending Machines

Xtra-vision XpressXtra-vision Xpress is the most convenient and low cost way to enjoy the latest new release movies at home. Through our network of Xpress DVD rental vending machines using just your debit or credit card, you can rent any movie for just €2.99! You can then return it any other machine in the network the next day, it's that easy! Below are some videos showing you how to quickly rent and return a movie from an Xpress machine. Find your closest Xpress machine here and start enjoying movies for only €2.99.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What information is required in order to rent?

No membership is required, just a Credit or Debit card. You can provide your email address in order to send you receipts and details of movie releases.

2. How many discs can you rent at one time?

You can rent up to 4 movies at one time.

3. Will I be charged if I’m late returning the disc?

Want to hold onto your disc for longer? No problem. For each additional day you keep it, you’ll be charged €1.50. If you hold onto your disc for the maximum rental period (10 days almost everywhere for DVDs), you’ll be charged the maximum charge of €15 and the disc is yours to keep.

4. How does the billing process work?

The charge is processed as soon as you rent your disc. Any additional day charges are charged when disc is returned.

5. Is there any offers available?

Yes. When you first use the service we will give you your first disc rental free when you use the code FREE123.

6. How often do new movies get added?

New movies are added every Friday.

7. Will receipts for rentals and returns be provided?

Printed receipts will not be issued, however you will receive email confirmations for rentals and returns listing all charges.

8. What locations are the Xtra-vision Xpress vending machines available in?

For a full list of Xpress machine locations go to Locations Section. You can return your disc to ANY Xtra-vision vending machine.

9. How does the Xpress machine know which disc I have returned?

Each disc has an electronic tag which tracks all information including when it was rented and returned.

10. What if my disc does not play?

If your disc is skipping or failing to play firstly check the playing surface of your disc for fingerprints or dirt. To remove fingerprints or dirt wipe the disc from the centre outwards using a soft cloth – do not use a paper towel. If problems persists, please contact us for further assistance.