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PS4 Console & Batman Arkham Knight Bundle

PS4 Console & Batman Arkham Knight Bundle

Introducing the Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle available which includes a PS4 and DS4 controller in Jet Black, Batman: Arkham Knight on Blu-Ray as well as the exclusive Scarecrow Missions. In the Scarecrow Nightmare you will be able to play three extra missions – as a solar eclipse plunges Gotham into darkness, you’ll need all the Batmobile’s arsenal to face off against a monstrous 100ft Scarecrow and his army.

More about PS4

The PlayStation®4 – 10 times more powerful than the PS3™ - is the world’s most powerful games console. Within its sleek and compact shell lies a 500GB hard drive, full HD (1080p) capability, superior speed and graphics, and an internal power supply to save you space. The PS4™ also delivers amazing online experiences, and the best choice of blockbuster and indie games in the market.

With 5 star reviews across the board, from the likes of Stuff magazine, a People’s Choice Award from IGN readers and T3’s Gadget of the Year Award, the PS4™ truly is the best place to play.

Putting the gamer at the heart of the console with the greatest games, PS4 is the only place to play Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Grand Theft Auto 5, FIFA 15 and Bloodborne. The PS4 has over 40 console games with exclusive content and over 100 more in development, ensuring that PS4 players play first, play better, play more. And you’ll get gaming quicker with PS4, out of the box you can start playing a game on FIFA 14 in under 40 seconds, up to 15 minutes quicker than the nearest competitive console.

The PlayStation® Network (PSN) boasts the largest community of online gamers, supporting up to 2,000 PSN online friends. The PS4 supports up to 8 users for cross-game party chat and with Share Play, you have the ability to virtually pass the controller from you to your friend over the internet even if they do not own the game.

PlayStation® Plus takes your PS4 experience to a whole new level. The membership service gives you access to a diverse range of immersive online gaming experiences allowing you to play and chat with friends. Members also have access to an instant game collection and two games a month which you can download direct to your console and a range of exclusive discounts in the PlayStation® Store.
Remember to purchase PlayStation Plus in order to enjoy the world of multiplayer on PS4.

It’s not just all about next-gen gaming, with DVD and Blu-ray film support, as well as featuring the top digital apps such as Spotify, TV from Sky (Sky Go Extra), Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, WWE, BBC iPlayer and YouTube, the PS4 is also the home for unmissable entertainment.

The DUALSHOCK® 4 is the next-gen controller that puts the power into your hands. Voted the best controller by IGN readers, the DUALSHOCK 4 has been designed with developers to ensure accuracy and precision across all games from First Person Shooters, Driving and Sports. The SHARE button allows you to capture and share your finest gaming moments with the world at the tap of a button, and with a sensitive six-axis sensor, and a touchpad that gives you new ways to interact, it gives you complete control. And if you love being seen and heard, the PlayStation® Camera with crystal clear video and microphones for facial and voice recognition, and Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0, keep you in constant command.

With Remote Play you can pick up on the PlayStation® VITA where you left off on the PS4 to ensure you never stop playing. If you want to continue on another full screen, PlayStation® TV allows you to stream your PS4 games to any TV in your home. If you aren’t at home, the PlayStation® App allows you to connect and interact with your PS4 via your smartphone, as well as keep up to date with what your friends are playing on their console.

This is PS4. The best place to play the biggest, best, blockbuster games with your friends. This is for the players.

What’s in the Box?

  • PlayStation®4 System (Jet Black)
  • DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller
  • Batman: Arkham Knight on Blu-Ray
  • HDMI Cable
  • AC Power Cord
  • Wired Mono Headset
  • USB Cable


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