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Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4)

Wolfenstein: The New Order
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Release Date: 20/05/2014
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Wolfenstein: The New Order is being developed by Machine Games, a new team made up of ex-Starbreeze staff. As you may expect, coming from the people behind such stuff as the Riddick games, The New Order has a real focus on storytelling in this new addition to the franchise. Sure, there's still plenty of manz that need shootin', but why on earth can't you do that with a bit of entertainment and humour? The game's story is an alternate history, and things have moved on from WWII. It's the 1960s and the world is very different. Things didn't go quite to plan for the Allies, so Europe now has a rather distinct Nazi flavour to it. Fresh from waking up from a coma, B.J. Blazkowicz has missed out on this whole rise of the Third Reich and - naturally, being a freedom loving all-American type, goes on a one man crusade to kill all of the Nazis. Except you're not alone - working alongside various Resistance members, you're looking to fight smarter rather than harder. The whole thing has a very well put together cinematic style, but if you're looking for that Citizen Kane of gaming move on - think more along the lines of The Expendables with a dash of accelerated technology and you'll be far closer to what Wolfenstein can offer you. Plenty of guns. Lots of shooting. Much running about... The kind of stuff you'd expect from a very pretty-looking FPS. From a gameplay standpoint, everything works pretty much as you'd expect. There's plenty of opportunity for dual wielding whatever guns you find - double machine guns are a delight. The emphasis on fast-paced, tough shoot-'em-up gameplay delivered well. Unless you have a time machine and a really wicked sense of humour, you may never get a better opportunity to find out what would have happened if the Nazis had won...


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Media : PS4
Edition : Initial release
Number of players : 1