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Sony BDPS4100B 3D Blu-ray Player (Electronics)

Sony BDPS4100B 3D Blu-ray Player
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Release Date: 01/01/1984
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Live and breathe the latest 3D movies in Full HD 3D
Stream on‐demand movies, TV, music and games
Enjoy a stunning Full HD picture with true‐to‐life colours
Upscale 2D movies, TV shows and sports to 3D
Get more out of your viewing experience with TV SideView

Get drawn into the heart of the story

Your flatmate’s very excited. She’s just got hold of The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey on 3D Blu‐ray DiscTM and a movie night beckons. So you get the popcorn in, load up your S4100 Blu‐ray DiscTM player, and don your 3D glasses.

Now ordinarily, this fantasy stuff isn’t your cup of tea. But visually, you have to admit it’s absolutely spectacular. The Full HD 3D picture is crisp and sharp and the landscapes of Middle‐earth look incredibly natural and vivid thanks to Triluminos colour.

Your flatmate, however, is not happy. A hardcore Tolkien fan, she’s making full use of TV SideView while she watches, tweeting her complaints about the film versus the original book. You haven’t seen her this fired up since the time you said Harry Potter was just for kids.

The next night, you chat about book‐to‐film adaptations ‐ good and bad ‐ and decide to show her one of your all‐time favourites: The Shining. You go online, stream it on‐demand and, thanks to upscaling technology on the S4100, watch it in 3D instead of 2D. "Here’s Johnny!" has never been more terrifying.

In fact, as you try to get to sleep after the film, you kind of wish you’d stuck to watching hairy‐footed hobbits after all.
Wi‐Fi ready to stream entertainment on‐demand

Experience colour at its most natural with Triluminos

See movies, sport and more in Full HD 3D

If you’ve got a 3D TV, you’ll want to play the latest 3D movies in the highest quality. A 3D Blu‐ray DiscTM player from Sony is fully compatible with the latest 3D Blu‐ray standards and is the only way to enjoy the growing number of 3D movie releases in Full High Definition 1080p quality. Just put on your 3D glasses and you’ll be drawn into a 3D picture with such detail and clarity, it’s easy to forget you’re watching in a different dimension. You can even upscale your favourite TV shows, sports or DVDs from 2D to Full HD 3D.
A world of online entertainment

Come to the end of your Blu‐ray DiscTM and DVD film library? Hook up to the Internet using an Ethernet cable or a Wi‐Fi adapter (sold separately) and access a choice of web services. Stream on‐demand movies, catch‐up TV and the best of the web, from the likes of YouTubeTM, straight to the big screen. With the Sony Entertainment Network the only limit is your imagination ‐ you can even stream millions of songs to play around your home, plus there’s a web browser and apps for weather, news, games and more.
Find out more about what you’re watching with TV SideView

Colour with emotion

As the hero struggles through dense jungle, you can almost feel the stifling heat and humidity. It’s all down to Triluminos colour. Sit back and watch your DVD and Blu‐ray collection on a TV with a Triluminos display and you’ll see true, natural colours you couldn’t before ‐ like hard‐to‐reproduce reds, greens and blues. From the dusty plains of a western to a moody, dark sci‐fi thriller, Triluminos colour brings real depth to every story.
Enjoy your videos, photos and music via USB

Get more out of your viewing

With the TV SideView app, you can use your smartphone or tablet to learn more about the show you’re watching, like cast and episode details. Easily browse and discover more content ‐ from related TV programmes and Internet videos to apps, websites and recorded shows stored on other devices. And make TV viewing more social by tweeting about it from the comfort of your sofa.
Give everything the big screen treatment

Enjoy your videos, music and photos on the big screen. Just plug a device such as a camera or digital music player into your Blu‐ray DiscTM player via USB and let USB Play take care of the show. Watch movies in Xvid, MPEG‐4 format and more. Listen to your favourite MP3 tunes. Or show your holiday pictures in the detail they deserve.

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