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Need For Speed: Rivals (Xbox One)

Need For Speed: Rivals
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Release Date: 22/11/2013
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Need For Speed: Rivals is a racing game set in an open world environment with similarities to the previous Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. While similar to Hot Pursuit in this environmental aspect - and in granting players the option to play as a racer or as one of the cops aiming to take them down - this new title from developers Ghost Games and Criterion Games features a new social driving system called AllDrive. This AllDrive system enables drop-in and drop-out gaming that means that a player can be involved in an offline, single-player campaign one moment and in a full-on online game the next. Players, as cops and racers alike, can transition into each other's games without the need of a lobby or loading screen. They might choose to engage in a multiplayer challenge or carry on doing their own thing. Gamers play cops or Racers as they compete for kudos across the landscape of fictional Redview County. There is a single-player campaign but the heart of the competition is in the returning AutoLog system, where times and challenges are set that pitch players' performance against that of their friends, meaning that whether you've got other players in your event or not, you're always competing. With the use of DICE's Frostbite 3 engine, which you might have seen in action in the Battlefield games, the visuals have made a real leap from Hot Pursuit. All the pulse-pounding action is rendered in a level of detail you've not seen in Need for Speed before!


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Media : Xbox One
Edition : Initial release
Number of players : 1-6