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Murdered: Soul Suspect (Xbox One)

Murdered: Soul Suspect
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Release Date: 06/06/2014
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When Salem police officer Ronan O'Connor is brutally murdered, his story doesn't end where it ought to. Instead, it falls on him to step back into the land of the living as a ghost and solve his own murder. To get the job done, he teams with a teenage psychic and the two get to work solving crimes by pulling together clues, interviewing witnesses (both live and dead) and getting glimpses into the past. This might sound like the premise to a slightly cheesey US TV show, but it's actually the back story to Murdered: Soul Suspect from Square Enix and developer Airtight Games. The developer has decided to play it straight, with a lot of emphasis put on the characters of hard-nosed detective O'Connor and Joy, his wise-cracking sidekick. Their partnership forms the heart of the game as you do your ghostly bit solving crimes. As O'Connor is both a ghost and a detective, he has a few handy skills at his disposal for when you reach a crime scene. As well as familiar mechanics such as finding pieces of evidence and attempting to piece them together, players can also use their ghostly abilities to glean clues from psychic residue, inhabit the minds of suspects and sense ghostly energies. Aside from the detective work, players will have other jobs to do. That might mean doing a little stealth work to deal with other ghouls or escorting in-game characters using your spooky powers. Throughout the whole game, O'Connor's intangibility means he can go just about anywhere. What are you waiting for? There are crimes to be solved!


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Media : Xbox One
Edition : Initial release
Number of players : 1