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Lords of the Fallen: Limited Edition (Xbox One)

Lords of the Fallen: Limited Edition
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Category: Adventure  >  Role Playing
Released: 31/10/2014
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At a Glance

Demon's Souls and its successors, the Dark Souls games, have surely made their mark on games. Many will see similarities in Lords of the Fallen, both in its grim aesthetic and, more importantly, in its tough-as-nails gameplay. That's not to say Lords of the Fallen hasn't been built into its own game.

Lords of The Fallen rewards methodical, slow progress. Not to the point where your game will come to a standstill of indecision - something many suffer from with the Souls games - and this is the first of what some will see as a few pluses LoTF has over Dark Souls. Another plus is simple accessibility. The controls are smooth and make total sense. Once you've got them memorised venturing into the bleak world becomes a simple matter of sizing up your foe, letting them show you their weak spots and then exploiting them.

For loot addicts this game satisfies the itch marvellously. There are hidden chests everywhere and plenty of armour slots to kit out. The armour lead character Harkyn wears is big and bulky, even when it is classed as 'Light' it is still larger than you find in most RPGs. This is in part due to the size of the guy you are playing as - he is tall, broad and thick limbed, designed from the ground up as a warrior destined to wield impractically large weapons.

Developers Deck13 and CI Games have approached the narrative with a light touch. You are given the bare bones and this gives you justification to head out and explore the lands surrounding Keystone. Harkyn is a big, balding tough guy whose face is covered in runes depicting the various crimes he is guilty of. He's out in the world on a mission to stand against a seemingly unstoppable foe, a Fallen God. Different people have different reactions to Harkyn, some fear him, some attempt to use him and at least one wishes him no ill-will and could actually be thought of as a friend.

If you are a Souls fan then you will probably love this game, if you are new to the idea of difficult, action RPGs then this is a perfect place to start.