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FIFA 15 (Xbox One)

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Category: Sport  >  Football - Soccer
Release Date: 26/09/2014
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The beautiful game is back, and with the 2014/2015 football season now well underway, Electronic Arts has another FIFA game for fans to dig their studs into. This year, the latest iteration of the game isn't about big, flashy updates attempting to overhaul the game. Rather, it's about focusing on the series' core gameplay and making the tweaks and refinements that might not seem huge to the casual observer, but to the hardcore fan will be hugely evident. EA has really doubled down on maintaining the pedigree that has made FIFA the dominant soccer game over the last few years. The new bells and whistles EA is touting include (as ever) improved graphics, with pitches that show wear and tear over the course of the match and improved player visuals. There's also the inclusion of the Turkish league and 'emotional intelligence' that delivers greater authenticity in how players react to the on-pitch action. On the pitch, though, players will notice other changes that might not be as obvious on the game's surface, but run a lot deeper. Defenders now turn with greater deliberateness and are more likely to catch attackers rather than standing around and looking nonplussed. Similarly, AI is better on the attack. Your players will burst into space on the overlap for a return ball without your prompting. You can also pick up control of the reciever of a goal kick, corner, throw-in or free kick, meaning you don't have to just hoof the ball in and hope your team makes the best of it. It's these new tweaks - tweaks that will keep on surprising you hours after you've fired up the game - that will make all the difference for FIFA fans, building on what's already gaming's premier football series.


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Media : Xbox One
Edition : Initial release
Number of players : 1-22